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Wed 4/4/06 At Botany Bay


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went fishing with 2 neighbours and a mate

we arrived at botany bay at around 7pm on my new boat

(quintrex 2002 topender) :biggrin2: was bought from this site from a fellow member on here

was happy to catch the first fish on my new boat. :biggrin2: . it was a 30 sumthing cm bream

then followed shortly after by some good size tailors at around 55cm :thumbup:

in all total we had caught around35 tailors,3 pikes,undersized bream which we threw back but a few legal sized ones which were a total of around 8 bream, also two trevally,two flatties,1 squid,25 slimeys,and around 20 decent yellow tails. :thumbup:

we called it a night at around 11pm

will be putting pics on here in the next few days


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Well done mate,but im not happy,I wish I could

have come out that night also, :mad3:

I realy wanted to be the 1st to catch a fish in ur


Cheers :1fishing1: penguin.

ps, keep Monday or Tues free next week we will

go out weather permiting,then Bill,Bean and I are

off bush for an early Easter long weekend, :yahoo:

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:1fishing1: yeah it was a good night

and for my good mate penguin

im thinking the reason why u would have wanted to be there was so u could be the first to catch a fish on my boat :074::074:

what can i say . im the first to :074::thumbup:

yeah for sure i will come on monday or tuesday

hope you catch some big pigs on d farm

gonna see my best man (indian bill) :074: to put the pics up :thumbup:

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