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hey guys

heading to narooma next saturday for a week :thumbup:

has anybody been there before? any good spots?

ill be targeting bream and flatties with sps, pumping sum nippers and HOPEFULLY nail a jewie

any good spots for it?

i plan to fish the inlet as i wont be going outside

hope to nail a jew :biggrin2:

i will ask the tackle store guys but any help will be appreciated

thx guys

Cheers, Tom

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i remeber the I fish crew fished an episode there once you can look up there site and find the episode and the reoport on their techniques areas fished as well as the gear used so it should be useful. its episode 21:


hope it helps i heard the fishing goes well down there and theres plenty of sizeable flatties so best of luck.

cheers pk :1fishing1:

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I'm heading down there too over the long weekend, its a fantastic fishing spot. The beaches fish real well for salmon, the lake is filled with tailor and montague island has some thumper kingies. If you wanted to do a charter, hit up Nitro, theya re by far the best charter boat around and works very hard to put you onto fish. Get out to the island soon before the Marine park is set in stone, we'll probably lose the north end of montague island when the zoning is in place as that's only spot where the GNS's (apparently) live. Narooma is my favourite south coast spot, that's why i'm fairly passionate about the whole MP debacle.

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Try fishing the drop off into the main body of water in Wagonga Inlet on a run in tide. Fish the Channel around the bridge early morning for Flatties, Whitting and Garies.

If you are new to the area, try picking up one of those AFN fishing maps, I think Kmart still sell them. This will give you a good start on fishing the general area.

PS the lake at Dalmeny can also produce some good fish.


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