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Atlantic Salmon


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Our family loves a nice fish meal, and, when none of us are able to catch anything for us to eat (which sadly is most of the time :( ), we have to rely on one of the local fish shops.

Our favourite fish shop is a little chinese owned shop at Eastwood - just around the corner from the Eastwood Club & our fish of choice is usually Atlantic Salmon. It's easy to cook, few bones, supposed to be good for you with all the omega oils etc., and reasonably priced (usually around $16 per kilo). I believe it's farmed down in Tasmania, so we felt that we were also helping the local economy.

It used to have a beautiful, rich & distinct flavour but in the last year or so has been getting more & more bland. We bought four cutlets last Sunday morning which were BBQ'd in the afternoon - they were almost tasteless! The texture was the same as in previous years, (nice & firm when cooked) & they looked very fresh when we bought them - they also had a beautiful colour when raw. We have not varied the way we prepare or cook them.

Has anyone else noticed this change?; are they giving them different food at the fish farms these days?, or, is Atlantic Salmon now being imported them from overseas which could perhaps explain the lack of flavour?

Your thoughts would be appreciated,

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