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"one More Cast"


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Decided to go along with mates to the beach and of course remembering to pack the rods. Got there about midday and decided to fish off the rocks throwing out small pilchard cubes. As I've never been here I didnt know what to expect. Ended up with a few small reddies and decided to call it quits and go for a swim.

Came back about an hour later and said to myself "just one more cast" took out the big rod and threw out half a pillie...... BANG!! something hits it .. drag goes off as i start reeling it in .. it puts up an agile fight constantly producing small runs then zzzzzzz..... snap!! :mad3: busted me off on 30 lb gear. Another cast came up with a PB 45cm+ trevally which didnt even set off the drag and yet I still cant sleep at night wondering what that fish was as I'm predominantly a night fisher for jews and hardly ever fish the rocks.

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Guest madsmc

G'day finaddict and :1welcomeani: to FishRaider. Sounds like you had a pretty good session off the rocks, and congrats on the PB trev.

... yet I still cant sleep at night wondering what that fish was ...

I know that feeling, it sucks when you can't stop thinking about what might have been. The only cure is to keep going back until you find out. :biggrin2:



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