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Kr Mahi Mahi H

Guest Saqa

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Hi all

I built this one for the customer who ordered the reef ripper XH. Did the two rods together

I call this rod the mahi mahi H. This is a true sportfihing rod and not a stump puller. Rated for 8-15 kg line and built on a 7' graphite blank. I use a light weight graphite reel seat with machined aluminium hoods, titanium nitride guides and it is fully underbound and double overbound with size A thread. I have been getting measured 90 meters average with 30lb fins PRT braid on a 6000 stradic and 90g cast weight

Rod is extremly light weight. I would say unbelivably lught weight and the sweet spot is 10kg line. I have aimed this one at dollies, macks, tuna and snapper. I thin this is a most versetile item for the bluewater angler.

I do this for $220

As you can see. I have botched this pic as well


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a what?



Does it have the potential to come with a tumaric ( aka Curry) cork grip too?

Long live cork "natural" :biggrin2:

Actually I listed the wrong model

it is the 7' graphite PBX X2GSSP70MH (google it)


Dont leave your mahi mahi unattended as the curry monster would love to "upgrade" them and you are right; long live natural cork (pity it will only happen if it is curryfied). I will clean up the cork on your two restore jobs tonight. Now where did I put that bottle of sealer?

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Just wanted to say that I am finding this fascinating, saqa. This rod building stuff is all new to me and I am enjoying the way you post the pics as you build. Can't wait to see these weapons at the Hairtail social in June. I am thinking about getting a personalised one now too :biggrin2: (always been a bit of a mug lair me)

Glad to see a sponsor using the forums to everyone's advantage.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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