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Duty Free Shopping Where?

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Hi All

Does anyone have an idea as to where I can shop duty free for fishing gear , as I am going on a cruise in May and thought I had better pick up a new reel.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.



P.S Sydney location , and do you think they will let me troll off the back of the ship

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I dont think there is any sales tax on fishing gear since GST. You can buy from a normal tackle shop and claim back the GST at the airport or something if you are taking it overseas. Havent done it myself so dont know exact details

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Try calling up a duty free shop and ask them?

Oh, and as for the trolling of the back of the ship, tell me how it goes :thumbup:

I have done it before , caught a telegraph pole wahoo , the cooks and engine crew laughed their heads off as we reeled it in and wheeled it into the kitchen.

I will let you know how we go , it all depends on the crew if they will let us.



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