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How Big Would You Go?


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my mechanic has got hold of a 15hp merc (he thinks about 4 years old) and is after a tinnie to suit it. he wants to be able to carry two people and scuba gear plus a few crab pots and minimum fishing gear.

he want to be able travel up on its plane and is wondering what size tinnie would best be suited to the 15hp.

what do you guy's think?

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It all depends on where he intends to use the boat, I think he is asking alot of that size motor for the gear he wants to carry(scuba). I have a 5.3mt boat with a 140hp and I can tell you that I dive and in my boat 2 divers and all equipment 2 tanks, weights etc takes of about 10kph of the top end and all that added weight sits a lot lower in the water. A small tinnie safety gear, dive gear a couple of passengers I think a 15hp would be under powered, not enough grunt to get you out of trouble.

But thats just my opinion.


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