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  1. I did mine about 10 years ago. Hardest thing was to prove the 3600 hours sea time. The system and requirements have changed. I would start by looking at the Maritime website for commercial licensing at this page http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/cv/safe_crew.html There is also Qualifications to be obtained via OTEN (TAFE) this page http://www.oten.edu.au/oten/core/showpage....p;cofferid=8934 As you will read not an easy process. I recomend to anybody that owns a boat to start gathering evidence of your time at sea or on the water, you never know when you may require it. I still have a Record of service book that I fill in every time I set foot on a vessel and most importantly get it witnessed. Pete
  2. Earlier this year I had the misfortune of parking on the street around the waters edge, upon returning to the car I found a dirty letter under the wiper telling me in no uncertain terms that the next time I parked in that spot I could expect some sort of retribution either to my car or trailer, I can only sumise it was from a disgruntled resident. If the author of this letter had the courage of writing they should have the same fortitude in providing their name and address so I could have right of reply and I could have told them that yes I would have parked in the correct area allocated for cars with trailers if there were sufficient numbers provided. I feel that what will happen is that parking will be improved but at a cost to those that use it. I am a little disappointed that there is no provision for the small boat market in either the new facilities at Rozelle or Waverton in the way of ramp and parking that is my gripe for the year. Pete
  3. It has happened to me, cable snapped at the swage block right at the hook. lucky all it made was a loud twang. thinking of this happening again I installed a strap instead of a cable. It has been on for about 6 years now so while it is fresh in my mind might be a good time for some preventative maintenance and have a look at it.
  4. I launched at Taplin Park this morning for duties with the World masters games open water swim at Clifton Gardens got back to the car and found this document under the wipers, concept sound great 3 ramps with pontoon, but no talk of more parking.
  5. you always catch fish when I am not with you not happy I am still waiting for that phone call I will drop the rope in on sunday see you Pete
  6. Does your Biscayne have the camper seat?? My brother did one up 10 years ago painted Candy Apple Red had a reverse opening bonnet where the bonet and gards welded together hinged on the front under the bumper. The project lasted about 9 years 2 wives and 4 kids finally got to him and he parted with it under duress.
  7. The Bucket List Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman Pete
  8. This is Wolli Ck in Flood at Bexley RD just down from Bexley North railway Station. The chap on the left is a Rescue Helicopter crewman.
  9. I have purchase several small buckets with lids they fit neatly in the side pockets and the handles make it easy to lift out if required
  10. My old Haines V17L / 140hp Johnson as in my avatar, 3 up with gear and full 120lts fuel according to the GPS cruise 20 knots comfortable in 1/2 mt outside, flat water flat out 45 knots Pete
  11. Please add me to the list for 2 GPS style Pete
  12. Try Bass Straight Boats in Victoria I think it was Bairnsdale they use to make the Jet Rescue Boats. Buit like the proverbial brick outhouse bullet proof and unsinkable. The early ones used a Ford 351 to a Hamilton Jet later models had a 250hp Yanma Diesel /Hamilton Jet. Great machines to play with but like all jets no steering at low speed.
  13. Last year my mate went on a Charter out to the Ribbons and was telling me about the penn outfits they were catching Sails on and that he was impressed with the performance with them, after some investigative work and research I purchased the same outfit a Penn package SS950m and matched 950 rod about 2 months ago for $250. About 4 weeks ago I went to Pt Stephens and we were out at the fads chasing Dollies up to about 6kgs and I was impressed with the way the outfit went, that afternoon I used my mates Tcure fitted with a Stellar 20000, both rods spooled with 20kg braid and yes you can tell the difference the Stellar is a lot smoother but for me I cant justify the $1k difference. Pete
  14. I use to plait but having spent some time on several charter boats changed to the Bimini purely because of time it takes to tie it. As was mentioned use the same line and tie all the knots in the combinations you think might work and process of elimination you will come up with a combination you are comfortable tying in a reasonable amount of time. For me bimini takes about 1.5 mins to tie and for terminal tackle I use the Palomar knot again simple to tie and takes virtually 5 - 10seconds to tie and is very strong. Pete
  15. I have them as Jpegs on my computer at work if you PM me your email address I will send them when I get to work on Monday Pete
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