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gday guys,

this morning went to narra beach with my dad not much swell going and it was a bit gusty with a south wester blowing. So we got to a nice land based spot in the lake with the breeze sort of at my back this allowed for some good casts with lightly weigthed placcies, which helped as i wasnt keen on wading in that water!!!

anyways fired of a few casts round the weed edges and scored a nice whiting 29cm on the berkley camo worm, and pleny of uderszed bream some around 23cm while scored one legal at 26cm. then changed lure to a hot tail squigy fish in silver fox and upped the jighead to a 1/12th , my fave flatty lure for the lake and it proved itself again.

I scored three flatties over 36cm the biggest at 44cm, cast just infront of the reeds and used lift drop technique dead slow retrieve and aboout ten metres from reeds on the shore is where the fish hit!

the lake needs a giant flushing and im looking to start with some hardbodies soon (impossible in the weed!!).

not my best fish from the lake but solid and all fish were released!!

cheers pk :1fishing1:

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excellent report pk, some nice fish had...

dont know about releasing that whiting though you crazy man :drool:

gotta love the gulps, they will be the death of the fish population

CFD [qoute]

thanks mate,

as for the whiting i was a little turned off by the state of the water, it smells bad and the level is quite high!

yeh those gulps go ok i wouldve taken some pics on the new digital camera but didnt want to take it along i usually take pics at home of the fish i bring home but didnt bring any today cause i dont like leaving the expensive digi in the car or having it near water and sand!! maybe i should just use my brothers cheaper one and take it along anyway a thought for the next trip.

cheers pk,

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