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The Kimberlys


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Hi Raiders,

With the massive wet season the top end has had this year it makes me excited that my first sojourn to the top end should (and i say this with some reservation) be a cracker safari. Me and six mates are making the pilgramage to the kimberlys in order to catch the mighty barra in the Ord river. It is my mate Shaun's 13th or 14th trip in a row to the Ord chasing barra and obviously thinks it isn't too bad, cryky, who has that sort of luxury.

One of my fishing must-do-b4-i-die objectives is to join the metre club. Will it happen on my first trip north? My pocket and my missus hopes so :wife: In the period of Sean's experiece the Ord has undergone some massive changes. The currents are bigger and stronger meaning flicking lures is only a part time option, but using live mullet is the main game. This has brought about bigger fish. They have joined the metre club that many times now they have become almost honourary life members. Us greenhorns have been garunteed a metre long barra on the end of our line at some stage of the two week assult, but no garuntee that we will land it. This just whets my appetite further. I have landed some big jews i keep telling myself, hoping the experience will somehow translate to less dropped or busted off barra but the fact is i dont have a clue. I dont know the terrain, the fighting habits, the sheer power or endurance of this fish apart from the many videos and tv shows i digest. But its rarely ever the same as in real life.

I'm thrilled to bits to be going, as you can tell, and look forward to reporting the good news upon our return. Hopefully i will be able to recount the many metre long fish we have landed. But in actual fact i'd be stoked for just the one.. :1fishing1:

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Good on ya mate.

Hope you have a great time up there, im sure you will. Hopefully you'll get into some metre long barra's.

Make sure you take the camera with you as i will be really looking forward to some pictures of the scenery up there and hopefully some barramundi.

All the best and Good Luck,


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thankx muddy...

We will have three video cameras and a host of digital cameras with us. Th plan is to make a dvd of our trip for records sake so i think we will have plenty of pictures to spread around. Look forward showing them when i get back

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