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Land Based Luring In Harbour 22/04/06

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Hi raiders, it's been quite some time since I've posted a CR. Went out for a short luring session last sat late arvo. Water was clear and quite clean. I've been onto more hardbodying lately and therefore a mandatory start with the hip hop smilin jack in pink (did some mod by removing the belly treble and replacing the rear with owner sz12). Cast.. cast.. and on the 3rd fan-cast, felt a hard thump at the end of the line and I strike instantly. Did a short burst and that's it. Couple of headshakes and up came flattie number one going at 41cm: :biggrin2:


I've realised that the flatties are getting bigger over the past couple of months probably due to the cooler weather. Anyway, after a few more casts later there was another 34cm flattie at the end of the line. Saw a few bubbles and ripples near my feet and decided to cast around the commotion. Bam... the attack was hard felt but not much of a tussle and got a super duper small pinkie. Man... for their size, they can really ram the lure hard-on! :wacko: Cast back again and caught this 2nd fellow:


Jack had its chances already, so came sp'ing time. Tied on a berkley bloodworm grub on a 1/16th head. Sun was setting fast and it was about time to leave. Then out of sudden, I felt weight after a twitch. Gave a strike and a turn of the handle, the Kix started singing... woohoo... fish ON! :thumbup: The initial thought was a good size bream, but then, came a 3rd run with an average of 2-3sec duration per run, my mate had a second thought. I decided to play it slow. My mate saw stripes and quickly told me it was a blackfish! Nearing my feet, it did the 4th dash. Up came my 1st lure caught luderick of 36cm. :yahoo:


I will gladly trade breamskis for a good size luderick anytime that's for sure! I certainly had fun and I hope you folks had a great weekend too. Till next time!


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check out the eyes on that blackfish its still looking at that lure!!! there tough fighters just look at the shape of their fins !! very well done on that catch especially on a lure not many can brag about that as these fish are taken almost exclusively on green weed..

cheers pk :1fishing1:

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Great report crystalliser, well done. :biggrin2:

I use the extact same SP as you, it's my go to one but I mostly only catch flatheads with it. I also use a pink smilin' jack but mostly catch tailors on those. Probably because the location where I using them.

Shame the flatheads don't put up much of a fight, the majority of my one's only did a dash or two than gave up. :thumbdown:

Nice tubby looking luderick you've got there. :1prop:

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