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Headed out to botany bay yesterday with a couple of friends , we were gona go to chipping norton , but were told its not worth fishing there. We fished underneath the captain cook bridge on the rocks, then moved onto the pontoon near the bridge.

We were all using very light gear and handcasters, and we had prawns, pilchards and squid as bait. So after around half an hour of helping my friends rig up and showing them the basics ,casting etc, we started, I threw in my first line, rigged with nothing more then a split shot and a size 8 hook, 5 seconds later, the tip bends, i pick it up and slowly reeled in what i thought would be a whiting (cause everyone around was hooking up on them), but to my amazment, i lifted up a juvenile snapper the size of the palm of my hand, back in it went in. A while later, the whiting started to hit, my friend pulled up a 19 cm sand whiting, followed by another , then the rest of my friends started hooking up on whiting as well, all around the same size, they all went back in.

Over to the pontoon we went ,the wind had started to pick up a bit, so we all stopped and had a break of chips and coke (very unhealthy....) then put on our jackets, as we began to walk to the pontoon, we walked passed a group of fishos around a barbeque who were cooking up there cathes so we went over to see what they caught, a couple of bream and a stash of whiting, while we were looking, one of the guys took a cooked bream and he gave it to us, we all thanked him and within seconds the tasty bream was all bones, yummm, fresh fish.

It was around dusk and we were still on the pontoon and picking up whiting everynow and then. Nearly time to go so a few last casts and we were of, all of us in the cars and we headed of to the nearest KFC and pigged out on chicken and chips :biggrin2: (again very unhealthy....)

it was a great day and all my friends loved it , good fun fighting whiting .

So to sum it all up , the whitng were really biting so alot of them and 1 juvenile snapper :1yikes:

We might be heading out somewhere again tomorrow for anzac day.

Thanks for reading , and happy :1fishing1:

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Thanks alot guys, i will try my best to go fishing more but thats not gonna be easy since school is about to start soon :1badmood:

Well mate, guess what? WORK NEVER FINISHES........ :wacko:

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Guest maraudingmado

Chips and Coke.....KFC!!!! I can hear my arteries harden as I type this........Gee I miss them yummy foods/drink :(:(

Good onya FishBoy hope you got amongst them again on Anzac Day. Helps when you have mates that like fishing. Like others my mates would rather stay inside and do bugger all than enjoy a day near/on the water

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dazzassj6 - http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/docs/botanybay_front.pdf

thats the map of botany bay, now look or the first bridge that leads into georges river, thats he captain cook bridge. Now look for 'rocky point' near that, there is a small round black dot, which is where the pontoon is located, on top of it you can also see a small picnic table. Just remeber its not on the 'taren point' side.

Hope that helps, if it doesnt, maybe someone on the forums might be able to guide you.

johblow - ahhhhhhhh......ummmmmm........are you still hungry..... :biggrin2:

maraudingmado - as for anzac day, we couldnt go cause the weather was really bad that day, we were gonna head up to cottage point and fish around there (maybe try and hook up on a jew),but, there is always a next time, a couple of weeks into school, im going with my parents and another family to mudgee, and i heard theres good :1fishing1: there at Windamere Dam, so i have to ask my mum about that.

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