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Harbour Report 24th April


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Hit the wharf at about 9 to be greeted by a few sizeable splashes(gottalove that :biggrin2: ) but before i had the chance to tie on a lure all went quiet :thumbdown: , nothing happend for the next 45 mins until i spotted some more action , couple cranks and im on :yahoo: and after a great fight on 3kg, in comes in my first watsons leaping bonnito :lol: .

After i brought him (or her) in all seemed to go quiet (maybe i spooked the school??) , the next few hrs consisted of a few nice bream, garfish and a lone trevally. Seems summer isnt quite over yet:)

(please excuse the retarded facial expression lol)


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well done mate,

i presume that was clifton gardens wharf. those are great looking fish those watsons leaping bonito and make a great cut bait... there should be a few john dory in there soon looking foward to fish there one freeeeezzing night for one of those tasty buggers!!

cheers pk

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It wasnt clifton, although i was there on friday and there were heaps of frigates around there but they just wouldnt hit anything:(.

As for the dory i have heard a few reports of a couple being caught here and there :biggrin2:

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