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Land Based Session


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Hey Raiders,

Had a 2 hour early morn session at Hen and Chicken Bay today to see if I could manage a fish or two as the cooler weather approaches.

Managed 3x Bream (20cm, 26cm & 30cm), 2x small Lizards (20cm & 28cm) & 1x Chopper Tailor (25cm)

Dropped 1x nice Lizard (looked to be easily 65cm) and hence learnt a lesson.

Actually learnt a couple of lessons as I Paid attention to a couple of the finer points today - these are leasons that I should know by now.

Lesson 1

Regularly check leaders / knots / Jig Heads / Reel Drag settings (re-tie and adjust as necessary)After landing the 30cm Bream I had a slightly tight drag setting on the reel and worn leader. I was able to land the bream :biggrin2: BUT 30mins later I dropped the large Lizard 2 metres from shore as it turned and ran (snapped clean of above the Jig Head Loop knot :mad3:.

Lesson 2

Don't stick to your fav SP's for a long period of time and neglect the rest of your arsenal.

I managed the 30cm Bream and dropped the large lizard on 3" and 4" bass minnows respectively. It was the first time in approx 5 months that I have used a Bass Minnow as my concentration has been with Gulp Fry, Sandworms and Grubs.

Anyway always learning and love getting out and flicking lures around to see what can be enticed.

Sorry No Pics

All fish released.

Great way to start the day :1fishing1: - shame work gets in the way from 9am. :thumbdown:

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Nice report mate.

Shame about the big Lizard :thumbdown: but at least you got to see it.

It's a great spot either land based or in the boat and good to see there are still some bream around as well. :biggrin2:

I know what you mean about getting stuck on the one type of lure. Last time out I also gave the B.M's a run after ignoring them for a while. Flatties still liked them :biggrin2:



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dont we all get caught up in the lue craze which one to choose , which one to use..anyways, i have dropped fish and this is how ive learnt to improve my catch rate. after every outing i check my leader for knicks by clamping the line between my fingernails and running it down to the hook to feel for niks or roughness. i also re tie knots after every few fish just to be sure!! the more mistake i make the better you become and the more you learn.

well done on the fish :thumbup: and looking foward to some more reports..

cheers pk

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Shame about the big flatty Ian.

Funny I've been the complete opposite to you...I will only use bass minnows in the parra river because that's what I seem to nail fish on most consistently - in IC anyway. The gulps are great but they get eaten too readily by toads :1badmood:

Methinks I need to pick up a couple of ecogear SX40s and smilin jacks nippers sometime soon.


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