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Hey Guys,

I'm always looking and wondering about if we are all getting the truth and good service from our local outboard dealers or not ! I find that some tell us what we want to hear and others just bag the opposition to earn points.

I was in a dealer the otherday, and just asked a few simple questions, but all i got was a sales bulls#*t and crap. I often hear false or missleading information, or hear that a dealer has poor aftresales service and often a little expensive. They have the ability to control what most people think and manipulate our decisions. Without such sites as this, we would all be on our own. :wacko:

If you were to pick between service, price or quality, what would you choose and expect from your dealer ?

I'd be very interested to know ! 'm sure you would too !!!

I don't know if we are all allowed to say, but who's the best around ???


Thanks guys,


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Some good question there.

Personally quality is out of the dealers hands a bit. They only sell the product not build it.

Price can always be negotiated and if you get want you want then you soon forget what you paid.

Without a doubt its service thats makes or breaks a customer / dealer relationship.

If you get crap service would you go back their ? I doubt it.

If you payed a bit much either on sales or service but it was faultless service would you go back ? Absolutley. In fact the latest survey suggests that 85 % of people will return to a repairer even if they think they are too exy IF they get great service.

The important thing is to build up a great relationship with your chosen dealer. You will get knowhere by ranting and raving and making demands all the time. Give the dealer some slack and work with them and not against them and your service experience will be much better.

Most dealers will NOT stuff you around on purpose in service. If they see your are a reasonable person and not out for blood you WILL get good advice and service most of the time. If not go elswhere. Dont try to flog a bad dealer to death its not worth it

Like I said, build a friendship up with your dealer and you'll be fine most of the time.

Of course there are always dealers who will be contrary to my statements but they are few and far between. If you dont like the person you are dealing with go to someone you feel more comfortable with. Trust is a big thing.

Its only a starting point to good service but without it you wont get it.

There are people who think the only way is to be very aggressive and make threats. Ok they get some kind of result but its never the best one :1prop:

Beleive me people.

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