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Brad Duffell

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Hey and :1welcomeani: to the site.

There are a couple of land based spots in Sydney that I find easy to get to.

Some of my favourites are Cronulla you can catch a train there and once you arrive you can fish the beach

or the bay, I like catching the ferry to Bundeena and fish the sandbar near mainbar. just remember the last ferry leaves at 7pm.

Como bridge is a good land based spot but its about a 15 min walk from the station, you can fish from the jetty near the marina or from under the bridge itself.

Those few should get you started. The weird thing is a soon as I got my car I started fishing less

work that out??? :wacko:

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hey mate

when I was your age I use to catch the train up the mountains and fish for trout at Wentworth falls lake, that’s what got me into fishing seriously

I got a 50cm brown up there

but I wouldn’t send you all the way up there cause you are more than likely to come home with nothing.

you should try anywhere in the harbour you will always come home with something

I live at Toongabbie and I do alot of land based fishing, some times on my own, when my mates dog it. if I need a fishing partner ill pm ya

but no heavy metal dude gives me a head ache :wife:

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