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Fishing In Sydney Harbour

Brad Duffell

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G'day everyone, i'd just like to know what everyones view is on the so called toxin levels in the fish?

I went fishing in the harbour a week before they announced the toxin levels. I caught a big lizard off milsons point, took it home and ate it, and didnt get sick. So are the fish in the harbour dangerous or not? :huh:

Cheers, Brad

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Hard to say.

Apparently, dioxins build up in your body fat. These accumulate over time, so one fish will not make you sick, but regularly consuming Harbour fish over a period of time *could* cause health issues (increased risk of cancer etc).

Have heard the argument that the Australian authorities are much stricter on dioxin levels than their counterparts in Europe, where the average person has dioxin levels up to 7x higher than us.

In any case, eating the odd Harbour fish should be fine, but prob prudent to go easy on them until given the all clear.



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