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Port Kembla Break Wall


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Hello all,

Last saturday night about 10pm me and a few of the mated hit Port Kembla breakwall with soft plastics in hand. Plenty of fish on the sp's with surprisingly yellow tail enjoying a chew on the plastics.

Pike love the little white curl tail atomics, and basically every cast produced a decent fish with short casts around the rocks maybe 1m.

The wall was packed with people fishing for tailor but they just didnt seem to be there, or if they were they were not hungry.

The sea was flat and a westerly was blowing prety hard which made casting at time difficult but we managed a good bag of pike which were returned of course as they are far to boney to eat in my opinion.

I was speaking to a few guys who pulled their boat in a matter of minutes before we got back to the car and they told me of a few good runs with jew during the night, but unfortunately could only manage 1 decent jewie which looked to be about the 5kg mark.

oh we also got a small occy as one of the boys was bait fishing with pillies. :1prop:

plenty of fish down south as usual.

until next time cheers. :thumbup:

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