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King Rods Website Updated

Guest Saqa

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Hi Raiders

I have addad the reef ripper XH Ti to the OH - Graphite menu under rods. The reef ripper XXH GOLD is also ready and will be aded as soon as I have had a chance to take some decent pics.

Please teach me how to take good pics!

Visit this link



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looking foward to the completely updated website with all the model of your handywork and rods you plan to build !!

it should bring a massive influx of interested customers!!

p.s i reckon the pics are fine they are clear and show the detail well especially the guide shots showing the wraps!!

cheers pk

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Maybe one of the Raiders who has some expertise in photography can assist you and work out the finer details :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy


Simple basic way. to keep rods in proportion.

Use tripod. (to steady camera). take several shots over length of rod. Moving rod. or camera.

Use any basic photo program to stitch them together. and give one full shot of rods...

Simple, easy. and all in proportion


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