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Fine Dining Cat


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OK, so I just finished building my boat (D5 made out of marine ply- 2.5m long with 40 pound Minn Kota) I couldn’t wait to take it out on the local lake,(Lake Burley Griffinin Canberra ) and finally got a chance at midday on Anzac Day, just for a couple of hours, just to make sure that she floats etc. The whole outfit preformed magnificently :yahoo: , I even had a chance to dip the lure in and ended up with two smallish red fin, had lost of fun, packed the boat away and headed for home. I took the smallish reddies with me as I have heard that it’s not recommended to put them back in, due to the overpopulation in the Canberra lakes?

I feed the fish to my cat, who I might say thought it was Christmas and Easter put together.

Today I went out again, this time in the morning with my wife, ended up catching 4 decent size Redfin and just when it seemed that I would bag a far more, my better half wanted to go back :thumbdown: .

Anyhow got home, got straight on to the net and ended up searching through some of the earlier post on Red fin sudject, and discovered that Red fins are considered as some of the better eating fresh water fish around. I took Grandpops advice on cooking technique (lightly dusted with flour and just pan fry in butter) I also added a pinch of Vegeta stock, and I must say that this little fish is one of the better tasting fish I have ever caught, including salt water species.

No doubt I will be going back for some more local tasty reddies..

Must say though, with out this site and this forum, I would still be feeding my cat this tasty fish, instead of eating them myself.

Well done everybody! Grate site! :thumbup:

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Congratulations on finishing your project Grebbo and :1welcomeani: to the site .You will now be able to enjoy your pastime even more now :thumbup:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Let me tell you all that I have seen Grebbo's boat, and it is a masterpiece.

Built from the ground up in about 4 months with nothing more than marine ply, a bit of fibreglass and a good coat of estapol - and now he's cruising the lakes of Canberra in it AND catching fish! Who here can honestly say that they literally built their own boat?!?!

Grebbo - I had better get back to the Can so you can take me out in it soon, especially now that you're identiying some good Redfin spots . . . . . and I won't pull the pin early like the :wife: .


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