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2 Stroke Fuel


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hey raiders

i have a mower that runs on 25-1 fuel and just got a whipper that wants 50-1, will the whipper care if it gets 25-1 or do i really need to get 2 cans going?

Yeah, i am lazy.

cheers in advance


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Why not save the dregs of the Xiss you drink :beersmile: and mix it - at a wild guess ratio .... then start a betting pool as to how long it will last ...... then throw the bloody thing away and go fishing?

RESPECT to the lazy. :tease:

It's about time we saw a JEWFISH report for you Steve ...... talk about lazy....


the missus gave me the mower for chrissie so i better look after it or i wont get any/out fishing ever again. im gunna give her a baitrunner this year, and she doesnt even fish.

lazy. . . how many houses have you painted from good friday till now on your days off? try it, its so much FUN

jewies, skunked on fri night with a half hearted attempt

painted all day saturday then skunked on sat night, bait would not co operate and i was cactus.

hate the big tides.

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