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  1. It will be a sad day when the site closes. Congrats to all the Fishraider team keeping it going for so long. A big well done from me. You have helped many fisherman learn & improve their fishing & meet new like minded people. Good luck in the future !
  2. Oh no not the dreaded Pike Eel I had a dollar for every one of those @3$%$ ..........
  3. Late afternoon & the first few hours after dark are excellent for Snapper .
  4. Congratulations to all on the 9th birthday. all the team have the site going great guns , well done !
  5. Thanks for the replies guys I will probably give the crystal a go & look into getting a couple of the other types to try as well. All I have to do now is remember how to cast
  6. I was just after a bit of feedback on the current favourites for a bit of SP fishing. I am used to using Fireline 4lb but after being out of the fishing circle for a couple years I was not sure if anything had come along to replace it. The Fireline Crystal looked interesting ? Thoughts anyone ?
  7. Hmm I made the half century I think that deserves a beer or 5 :beersmile: Thanks all
  8. It hasn't been mentioned here yet but fishing particularly game fishing can cause some very major pain in the wallet that can take months even years to overcome.
  9. Fishraider. I hope the site continues to grow & both membership & sponsors grow. Well done all
  10. I have had it in my left ear since 1989 & it can be annoying at times. An ear specialist told me it cannot be cured but there are a few methods of reducing it's affects on you & there is information on what makes it worse. There are a few web sites around with good info on them so worth " Googling".
  11. Whatever LOL Ronnie James Dio still rocking at 67
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