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Fishing Tasmania!


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Gday All,

I am off to Tasmania this weekend and was wondering if anyone has fished Tassie of late in the Derwent and if so, where to go and target these massive XOS size bream.

Trout are probably out of the question unless I am fortunate enought to catch on of those sea going trout.

Look forward to anyone responses who have fished Tassie of late.

I hope to bring a good report to you all.



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g'day marlin madness,

I had the pleasure of fishing Tasmania about 2 years ago. There for the trout maily so didn't get a lot of time in the saltier stuff. On the eastern side in Hobart, I didn't get to fish the main waterway there but did speak to some locals at a servo near the river. He rekoned the main wall off the main road on the way to or from the airport just before getting into Hobart city is the spot for the bream and plenty of flatties. He said that the flatties were not that big but there was enough of them to keep you happy. Got to fish Strawn on the west which ok with a few cocky salmon. But up into Launceston was pretty good. There is good water about 30 - 40 mins drive north east of here that was great. If you head towards the Seahorse nursery, there is a big jetty there that you can park your car right off and fish deep clean water. If you have a car it doesn't take very long to get anywhere down there and a few hours each way saw us between Launceston and Hobart. Wish I would help you more there mate. Hope you have a good one and post some top picks of the belter bream you get.


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MM, I can remember a magazine article that Bushy or Starlo wrote about fishing for "cannonball" bream in that area. It'll take me a little while, but I'll try to dig it up. -EDIT- Found it.


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