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Okuma Reel Epix Eb-50

Big Bob

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Was interested to know what other Raiders thought about the Okuma Epix range.

I have a EB-80 which I am very happy with coupled with a Silstar Crystal Blue rod which is my Jewie outfit.

I have now bought an EB-50 which I plan to use on a medium action boat rod that I have had lying around.

I bought the EB-50 through Ebay and think I got a good price.

Have any raiders had experience with this particular reel and what do you think of them.



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they are not shimano but they are decent.

i have a couple of okumas, cd 90 and eb 40 they will be replaced with shimano but i havent had any real probs and have flogged them for a few years now.

the only soft spot on them is a bit of flex in the bail arm/roller if you fish with them locked up.

stainless gears and 5 year warrenty aint bad

that said i would not go near their cheap stuff.

i know of a couple that seized a bearing early in their life so keep receipts and send in the warrenty stuff.

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Guest Big-Banana

They are a good reel, got two smaller ones as my snapper outfits for a bit of fun on the reef. Landed a few 3 kg snapper on them not a problem.

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Guest Saqa

Mixed feelings on this range. I have heard a lot of good stuff about these but my personal experience hasnt been good. I had an Okuma CD-90 but had problems with the drag knob not going on properly and the drag losing all presure upon heating up on big fast fish

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i have an EB60 and have given it a flogging over the last 4 years and its been faultless(touch wood). sure they scratch up a lot quicker but the drag is faultless and the reel casts like a dream. i fish 30lb braid on mine too. you should maintain ALL your reels (wash down after every use and occasional spray with inox) so you shouldnt have a drama. i own 3 okumas and love all of em.

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