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  1. Lap Top Yes. Need to know how many amps the computer and monitor draw.
  2. Yes ! Always called it blue gill , Have they changes the colours ? I couldn't be wrong. Could I ? 😇
  3. Atomic 38 in bluegill is my go to bream hard body. its a crank bait so slow roll it ! Quote from Steve Morgan, " if you think your going too slow, Slow down !" Have never forgotten it ! I like to hit the bottom a lot. Stirring up the sand !
  4. I changed from a stradic fa 1000 to a 2500 purely for the retrieve speed. Picking up line when working a SP is easier. Didn't really see much difference in casting distance.
  5. In summer I have a dedicated rod set up for surface, usually MMD Splash prawn. I use about 1.5 meters of 12 lb mono. As Drivin 21 said It floats. 12 lb helps it track straighter. But I have also used the splash prawn on 8 lb fluro and it works. Keep the rod tip up . Sugar Pen is more of a walk the dog lure so Mono would help keep it on the surface!
  6. There are some days where they wont commit to the bite! Very Frusrating, Slow down, scent is a big plus, Sax scent prawn or crab. My secret scent is the Holt Production sax scent Prawn. It stinks ! Prawn Juice its called !
  7. Hoods, Bream came from a 3 meter hole with fallen trees along the bank. Flathead came off a sand flat in may be a foot of water along the edge. The bream was taken on a 2 to 6 kg Daiwa wicked weasel. 12 lb leader was shreded when it dived into structure on the bottom. A great fight, earned its release ! Small flathead were everywhere. Happy Days !
  8. Tried out the Rapala Crush City Prawn. Unique action. As you can see, it works !
  9. Havent been out for a while. Gentlemans hours today 9:00 am start. 8:00 am high with not much run. It showed too. Lots of small flathead around. Only one keeper at 57, and a very nice bream. Flathead on 3 lb line. Yes Im crazy but it works for me strangly enough!
  10. Really hard to tell. Is the tow point on the jig head Bent off centre ?
  11. I like the idea of using the heavier coated hook version with the same penetration as the fine wire !
  12. Fragmeister, It has been many years since I held one ! They were more like a shrimp with their hard shell. Could very well be! well done !
  13. When I was a kid we used to pump yabbies on the sand flats, but also stomp in the mud of the ribbon weed beds to dig up a green yabby. Anyone know what they are called please ? It is also why I use green creature SP,s over weed beds !
  14. If you look through my posts you will find photos of my grandchildren painting all my jig heads. They are colour coded by weight. All done with nail polish. It kept them busy for ages. Now when I buy more they get in and paint them for me ! It stays on remarkedly well. Does it make a difference to fishing. Probably not.
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