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Using Sp's

Brad Duffell

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Guest crow

Hey guy's,

Im kinda new to the whole sp fishing scene. I generally use baits and am not qiute sure what brands to use.

i generally fish for bream, flaties, jackets and snapper.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Brad :beersmile:

Hey mate,

I too an new to sp's, but the one i have had success on is the 6" gulp sandworm in camo colour.

I am you will be inundated very soon with help :thumbup:

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your INSANE motty...

i cant believe you forgot the 2" and 3" gulp grubs in p'seed :1yikes:

you outta be ashamed.


Grubs??.... Grubs!!!! What the..!!!????

C'mon CFD.... they're so yesterday :074::074:

But... very worthwhile having in your kit... :biggrin2:

Thanks for picking me up on that one!!! :074:


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