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22 Million Dollars


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Ok so I didnt win the 15 million as planned but thats a good thing because it has gone up to 22 MILLION DOLLARS (Insert image of doctor evil with the tip of his pinky finger in his mouth)

So as I walked past the powerball sign today it got me thinking.....Hhhhhrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm what would I do with the money???

#1 I would help my family out and with morgages and stuff that would put a great big smile on their dial.

#2 Big ass game fishing boat I saw a 74f Bertram on the boat show 5 months back and I want one it is awsome and can sleep like 12 people. So you could spent a week on the shelf no traveling time :yahoo:

#3 Fishing gear and lots of it, hell.........Ill just buy the whole store and chuck everything in the Bertrum.

#4 Nice big water front property with a huge jetty and deep water right out the front so I can wet a line with friends or when ever I want (note to self add an artificial reef at the end of the jetty in the deep water). Pool,games room, pool room, bar you know all the good stuff.

#5 Orphanige me an the missus have always talked about opening an Orphanage in the years to come so we

would definatley do that.

#6 Ive never really been that into cars so perhaps something practicle to get around town in????

I guess a Hummer would do nicely :074:

#7 Around the world fishing\Adventure holiday Climing mountains and fishing all the worlds most famous fishing spots, everything from Trout fishing in NZ to halibut fishing in Alaska.

#8 I would put some business plans I have into action and market some new products that would make me more money :biggrin2:

#9 Man this money is getting hard to spend??????????????? Ok I have it now................ no its gone ok raiders lets make this thread fun lets hear some suggestions from all of you what would you do with 22 MILLION DOLLARS (Doctor evil thing again)

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I can't even fathom having that much money..... wow, that's a lot.

We would buy a nice big house for us all and send Andy to a private school that has programs for kids with special needs.

I'd have enough money and room then for my daughter emily to come and live with us as well. :biggrin2:

Bec and I would have at least one more baby in our big house - cause... we like them!! :074:

I give large slabs to my family members.

I'd donate a whole lot to world vision to help out in the areas overseas where I currently sponsor kids.

I'd then go completely nuts and buy every toy and shiny thing Bec and I have ever wanted. :074: The new boat, cars and tons of fishing gear comes under this heading!!!

I'd leave enough invested so we'd never have work again.

I'll keep dreaming for now...



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Guest madsmc

I think I would do the right thing by my fellow anglers and buy all of the first class fishing locations along the east coast of NSW. Then I would be more than happy to get in touch with the greenies and the pollies and tell them exactly where they can install their marine parks. :angry2::gun_bandana:



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I'd buy some new socks and a heater, its cold out there.

On a more serious note

Buy a few investment properties so my children have a secure future and can afford to buy a home when they get older

A trip to Disney Land with the kids

A nice home on 5 acres

Look after family members

Do some good charity deeds

New Boat

Invest the rest to retire on and enjoy life, family and fishing.

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haven't been fishing much, but I'm not into the report thing anymore...

Thats a real shame I did enjoy reading your exploits :biggrin2: I hope in the near future we get to see some more reports coming from you Bashir and thanks for the info on the lighters from Bias as well

Cheers Swordfisherman

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