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Fishin In Forster


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i was wondering if anyones ever had much luck fishin round the beaches up at pacific plams/forster area. i go up there every Jan and never have much luck off sandbar beach so if anyones got any suggestions id realy apreciate it.

Cheers, smole

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Cant help with the beach but i fish Forster a bit only from land and have found hitting the various and plentiful mud and sand flat areas with plastics very succesfull for flatties.

Have you tried the lakes up near Sandbar ? If not its well worth a crack. Beach fishing those areas can be very hit and miss from what ive heard and local knowledge is essential. Thats why i stick to the flattie chasing cause they are easier to find as a land based option.

Just come back from there actually and was picking them up on sp while the bait soakers got nothin. Pissed em orf too ! :1prop:

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If you go to Sandbar there are several places you can head, south to Seal Rocks or north to Elizabeth, Bluey's or Boomerang beaches. I use to camp at Elizabeth Beach and always managed a feed.

Have you learnt to read a beach? Look for gutters and sand banks are you using fresh bait??

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