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Hawkesbury/joey 13/05/06


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Early start. Out to livie station and got a good few livies - all sizes.

Began slow troll around Joey. Water looked fantastic, slight breeze and a calm sea. Two great baits out just waiting to be smashed....around and around, nothing. Put down the pick changed livies, waited and waited ...nothing. Burly trail attracted some rat kings and odd tailor. Still nothing. Put some decent pillies down on other rods...nothing.

Moved a few times and still nothing! Pulled the pick and a slow troll back with fresh livies...nothing.

Time to head home. Result yes you guessed it.

Ah well try again another day!

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Hey Haraka

Thanks for the advise.

Really tried hard yesterday and thought that we would get something for sure. Had a good fisho with me so no excuses. At one point on the troll with the livies we were letting the wind blow us along - nice and slow. On the way back we pulled a set of rappies in close and nothing as well.

Didn't manage to get over to south palm, wanted to work the joey as well as we could. Had to be back by 12h30.

Do you think the moon has anything to do with the bite in the last few days?

No decent reports from the raiders in the hawkesbury so far this weekend.

Lion Is - sounds like a good idea for next time.

The day, as in weather and sea conditions, was tops couldn't have asked for better at this time of the year.

Getting ready for the next trip

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I also went out into the area on saturday and it was hopeless. I finally caught 3 keepers opposite Cottage Point, very close to the east bank. Not the best day i have ever had but it was better than any alternative i could think of (well nearly any).

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Unfortunate you didnt get anything after all the hard work, Shit happens i guess, have been hearing the same results from many, all you could do is keep trying...betterluck next time

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