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  1. The smith jig rods are hard to go past, top quality and make it so easy to jig with
  2. Well done, some quality kings,
  3. We have actually had a good season this year with plenty of fish and a few over the metre mark. We have found squidding a bit harder this year but once we get the squid we find the kings are not a problem, went out over the weekend and got 7 kings with 5 over 75cm and biggest going 93cm.... This year has been a year for fishing the wrecks, the rats are all over the markers and cakes, but they seem to be staying away from the various wrecks through the Harbour main and Middle Harbour
  4. Well Done. 15KG Main Line with 6kg Leader just doesnt sound right...... And 2 hours to pull up a 15kg king also doesnt sound right....
  5. Mate the best thing i could say is get out there and give it a go, if your patient with the rain and dont mind getting wet im sure you will do well
  6. Mate i think that with resources like the internet and Websites like FR people can now get to now the more experience anglers and learn from them, 5 years ago Downrigging for Kings in Sydney was a very rare way of targeting them and now it seems to be the most common way, i think new anglers who have a love for fishing can now learn faster and learn from seasoned anglers. And to be honest i still love a good kingy report, for me its not always the fish that were caught but the writing up of the report.... If i saw a report showing a 110cm king with nothing but " caught this in the harbour this morning at Spot X" that report wont get a congrats reply from me, i like to read the report and imagine being there...
  7. My best ever day fishing for kings was on a terrible day where is was pissing down.....so i would say no it doesnt effect the fishing, i have had numerous days where we cleaned up on the kings in the rain
  8. Mate i dont know if you need a permit or not to be honest but i have mates who run charters out of Sydney and put up quite a few fads each year and dont grab a permit and do fine. Also the placement of the fad is researched throughly so we reduce the chance of other boaters finding it, we check all Shipping channels, Known waypoints offshore and routes to those waypoints offshore and then place the fad in an isolated location. Obviously the fad will always be found by people but we try and reduce it as much as we can. If it is illegal well shit happens, wont stop me from doing it...... I still speed in my car knowing its illegal, I do burn outs in my car knowing its illegal, I jaywalk knowing its illegal etc.....shit if i stopped doing everything illegal i would have a boring life...
  9. It was 7 inch Mcgoos that did all the damage, didnt seem to matter what colour
  10. Mate I have never heard of them being caught landbased, although it wont be impossible i guess they are an offshore species
  11. Mate we used 4 white foam bouys and then used about 350m of rope and tied it to 3 milk crates that are fill with concrete and various heavy metals to add extra weight, we werent 100% sure that the weight would be enough but the fad was exactly where it should have been so for now i guess its holding.
  12. Hey Guys, About a month ago me and a few mates decided to deploy a private fad this season and 2 weeks ago we finally got it done, we put it out about 16 kms out in about 130m of water and yesterday decided to head out to see if we had attracted anything, didnt expect much as the water was still a touch cold and the warm currents were still to show up. Went out there about midday and when we were about 100 metres away we saw what looked like a massive dollie jump over it, all excited we quickly approached to see a school of dollies all over 110cm cruising around it, We launch some Yakkas at them but they werent interested at all, so then we decided to throw some plastics at them and still to no avail. Finally we decided to run some skirts and minnows by them and that did the trick. Over the next hour we caught 10 Dollies all around the 15kg mark. We kept 2 Bulls for a feed and released the rest, good fun and great to see the investment of a private fad all ready pay off.
  13. Mate just drift through there, and you will be fine, and it also allows you to cover more ground to locate the squid, i used to do it alot and always caught plenty of squid and never had any issues.
  14. netic


    I have always used a 7lb inside the harbour, no need for any heavier
  15. Very understandable, although i have disagreed with certain rules at times the plugging of non sponsors shouldnt be allowed
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