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Hawkesbury 13/5/2006


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Hey guys headed out to berowra in the morn with my brother to be greated by the fog from hell.

Once we managed to see where we were we found and tried a couple of holes and drop offs with squid baits, pillies, hawkesbury prawns and live choppers.

0 hits for jewies but one damn big blue swimmer crab and a 25 and 30cm bream. Both bream were taken at coral trees on peeled prawns whole.

All in all alittle dissapointed as i have still not managed to catch a jewie, i think i am destined not to catch one. :05:

I was alittle surprised as no flathead were taken at all that i could see, not even from other anglers. millions of choppers around which made getting the bait to the bottom near impossible.

Cheers all.

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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen

keep up the good work

don't worry you will score your jew of a life time!


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