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Hit Lake Burley Griffin with Grebbo this morning in his new home-made boat - a beautifuly little plywood thing which he has fitted with a leccy for slow trolling around.

Was pretty confident of some fish as he's had a fair bit of success there lately, and it wasn't too many casts till the first redfin hit the lure and we were up one nil. Kept plugging away, mix of slow trolling and casting, and got steady success. At one point the school followed Grebbo's lure in and we got a look at it - and it was HUGE. 50 - 100 reddies (all smallish) following the little Kokoda and occasionally giving it a nudge.

Anyway, we could'nt keep track of the school and so trolled a bit more and then headed in for mothers day duties. Final tally was seven redfin, the biggest 25cm.

All kept, all filleted for the cats. Lucky little bastards (the cats, not the redfin).



As you can see - the size wasn't great but they were hungry little lure-biters!!

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In Europe the locals go to great length to catch Redfin - some of the continentals go to Ireland with big freezers - The fish is scare and expensive. You're cats eat like royalty. Have you tried to fish vertically - with Cicadas or haddon sonars ?

Hi Haraka - no we haven't tried 'vertical' fishing!!

What do you mean?

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Ahh yes, what a fine morning it was, grate company, even though the company took a bit longer to get to the lake then promised, (apparently it was a faulty alarm clock or earthquake or something :biggrin2: ) any way, got to fish my favorite spot, that has been very consistent, as soon as we trolled over it, Bam, Mondo gets a hook up :thumbup: , we pulled up and cast in different directions, the school of reddies definitively mad me squeal like a high school girl (but in a muscular way) could not belive that a small school of fish would follow the lure like that, and all the way to the boat! I always thought the lure would pass a school of fish, then one of the fish would chase it, not the whole group!?

If it wasn’t for the mothers day engagements, :beersmile: I believe Mondo and I would have bagged a fair quantity.

Thanks again Mondo! looking foward to our next fish! :1fishing1:

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