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Catching Crabs


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the title threw me a bit :074:

grab yourself a few witches hats and load them with half a big mullet each,

put them in 5-10m of water in between weed and sand patches to get yourself a feed of blue swimmers...

...and ALWAYS use protection :thumbup:




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wat is a good place to catch crabs in sydney? i also wanted to know =p, i enjoy catching crabs more than fishing lol, u know how i catch it? with my bare hands and i chase them, they are so fast sometimes. i reakon trapping isnt as fun as freehand style ^_^ although i got pinched by this medium sized crab cuz i thought it wouldnt hurt cuz it was small lol, luckily i had gloves on

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i have had a few blue swimmers lately wrap them selves up in line when i have been fishing with livies, also hooked on bream baits- in sydney harbour

some big ones too, but i have been letting them go considering the toxins issues

i have always got them in botany-georges river, but i never liked witches hats seem to get them in pots ok

a year ago we were getting the biggest mud crabs i have ever seen (including nt) in the parra river. but took one home and its head was full of tiny little creatures so we stoped eating them after that.

if you are using a trap any fish head or frame will do, they are not fussy, last time i put the pot out i used a rainbow trout head and got 4 in 2 traps

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Im in the newcastle area, so im not sure where to catch them. I've seen a couple under the bridge at stockton, but im not sure if i want to eat anything from the harbour in newcastle either.

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