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Daiwa Procaster Z


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G'day everyone,

The other week I put up a post enqiuring about the Berkley dropshot rods so after lots of anticipation I finally made it to my local tackle shop to check them out.

Nice rods!!! and they were on special, $79.95 :1yikes: pretty hard to find a better rod at that price. Well I'd only just got there so I couldn't bring myself to buy it and leave straight away, I had to check out some of the other offerings, I know, I just couldn't help myself, I really am a glutton for punishment :wife:

After checking out nearly every flick stick on display (must have left a puddle of drool infront of every rod rack) I kept going back to the Daiwa Procaster-Z, gee it was a nice stick and best of all, it too was on special for $140.00

Severely limited by budget I found myself in a bit of a dilemma my wallet was saying the Berkley dropshot but my heart and instinct kept telling me to get the Procaster. In the end I based my decision on the fact that my two 4 year old IM7 Procaster-X's have given me faultless service on a wide vaviety of sizes and species of fish, cant beat that for performance and reliability :thumbup:

I ended up buying the 701MLXS, it's a 7ft blank rated 2-6kg and versatile enough to use for throwing lighter lures as well as using it to fish deeper water with heavier jigs. Being able to use it for deep water and heavier jighead applications was another one of its attractive benefits.

I'm pretty happy with the purchase, hopefully I'll get to try it out sonner than later.

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