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Storing Berkley Soft Plastics


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows any way of storing berkley SP's other than their original packaging?

Im asking because i recently opened a packet of gulp minnow grubs and put them in my tackle box, within a few days they dried up and turned hard :ranting2: .

Now that in up for some new SP's can anyone tell me some must have SP's and jigeads to go with them for chasing the usual estuary species ie bream, flathead, whiting, trevs and perhaps jews. With all the reports ive already put the berkley sandworms on the list :1prop:


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The Gulp minnows are made from bio degradable material and they shrivel up if they exposed to the air.

Keep them in the packets they come in and they will be fine.

My must haves are the

Berkley Gulp Sandwormes in Natural (for whiting, flathead, and bream)

Berkley 3 inch bass minows in w/p (flathead trevally whiting bream and jews)

Berkley 5 inch jerk baits in pink/purple tinge (for kings flathead and jews)

Squigi 100mm shads in drop bear colour one of my all time favourites,(Jews flathead kings dollies

tailor salmon stripies bonnies trevs in the smaller size 650mm)

Lure of the year purple yum shads, they have a great action and when matched up to a good squigee or TT jighead they are deadly on Jews flathead kings dollies tailor salmon stripies bonnies. I have even caught a blackfish on one (foul hooked).

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Guest madsmc

Sharky's right, definately keep them in the packet.

Here's a tip I picked up recently, if there's any "juice" left in the packet once you've used the Gulp's keep the bag and throw a few normal plastics in to marinate. Haven't tried it yet, but it should be interesting to see if it works.

From the Berkley range, I like the 2 inch gulp minnows for bream, and 3 inch gulp minnows have served me well on flathead. The 3 inch mullet in sand perch colours is also a favourite of mine on flathead. The 2 and 3 inch bass minnow are a staple for bream, flathead and trevs.

From the Squidgy range i like the #2 and #3 wrigglers in bloodworm or frostbite for bream. And the bigger fish style plastics for flathead. Their bug plastics aren't to bad either.

Haven't managed to nail a jew on plastic yet, but I use the bigger plastics like the Berkley or Atomic 5 inch minnows, and the Storm and Tsunami pre-rigged shads. It's bound to happen one of these days. :biggrin2:



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Ah ha!

You must see the mad dog DVD ( overdose of "V" or redbull ) - Berkley promo DVD Rohit has it at the moment .( he needs help )

What Minnow are those Travs hitting at the moment?

Haraka we are using pumpkin seed atm 3 inch BMinnows

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