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Hawks River


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Took a nasty fall at wiseman ferry whill puting the boat in ended going to the hospital, when I got back my boat was tied up for me (thanks guys) spent most of the time fishing from the bank and caught a lot of bass an flat heads turned them back. Finaly got tired of watching the boat floating in the water , decided to try it out bought the boat off ebay and after 3 years started it up for the frist time. founld out no rev. but all an all it ran great started fishing on the drift useing frozen prawns caught 5 jews all under are close to 24 inchs. made a run back to where I started the drift and hooked on to abig jew when I had it to the boat i was unable to lift it into the boat due to the injury to my arm. so ended up leting the fish go. Owell it will be waiting for me in a few months and I might be mended then. lol donnie

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