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The Weekly Welcome


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Not surprisingly we have had a huge number of members join the site this week.

:1welcomeani: to you all and we look forward to sharing fishing experiences with you and reading your posts. Don't forget to fill in your profiles. This forum is about sharing information our members range from the newcomer to the experienced fisho. The site is a general fishing site and we hope you enjoy yor time here.

Hi to all

rock, thebigman, nrperry, BENSONSAN, Alan2, KFSfordy, Fuj, dazaboy, KEELESHAYE, kimmie, whykickacatalong, iceman, bream, kingys what kingys?, bloodworm, Maad Matt, squidders, taurus, jimbo, kid, fishing with lyn, biggest catch, big fish, Rainbow 44, Dasha, explorer, forsterfish, Ashley, shane, Barra, laser, Paul W, doobie, Jarrad, flattie hunter, stevepowderly, Scienceman, casper, baker, elephrez, Gozz, hooked, fisho, fish, wettingaline, FCBA, coldkast, M1tch, gone_wishin, edaw, Charlie H, Luffy, Ant:)

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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