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A Day On The Bay


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Hi Raiders,

Here is my third and last report for thr long weekend. After a jewless trip in the hbury on sat and a killer bream session at Berowra yesterday the old amn and i were up for some sp therapy today and a day on the bay was just the ticket. I was a bit concerned about the 25knot winds predicted but i new the electric would save the day as it always does.

As soon as we peeked outside the cooks we saw a mob of gulls working a school of something. The old man wanted flatties but i couldnt pass up an opportunity like this. With no metals onboard, if the schools were tailor this surely going to be an expensive session. I might just include that my dad is highly experinced in river fishing but is largely inexperinced with this sort of feeding activities and species of fish. I took a punt that the commotion were caused by sambos and some fun was in store with our 1-2 kg spin sticks and 4lb fireline.

With sp's deployed and birds working the first strike went to dad who thought by the way the sambo inhaled the plastic on a retrieve better suited for flatties that a small fish was on the other end. Then all hell broke loose. The sambo finally realised he was hooked and started to act more like a barra than a sambo peelin line all over the place. U shoulda seen the expression on dads face... like a kid onto his first ever fish...bloody golden. I still want to feel that way about fishing when i have 50 years experience. Obviously it was dads first mega sambo (and mega for us is 3-4kgs) but on the light gear made it even more impressive a fight. We landed 6 good sambos (three each) b4 they soon parted as the sun came up. Dad was buzzing from that experience and remarked how much better a fight they give pound for pound than a jew ( hes caught his fair share on the same 1-2kg outfit so it was a fair comparision i thought)

We topped off the day with 5 nice flatties, biggest going 56cms, and a couple tailor of around 40cms. All in all a great day to be out and testimony to why we fish in the first place. Just a really fun day... u beauty!

P.S. My uncle got an awesome blue groper today as well ( but in the cowan system) that weighed 22 old fashioned pounds on 15 pound line. Fight took half an hour b4 the fish was released.... thought it was worth a mention.

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Ah.. the joy of fishing with the old man.

Sounds like yet another top day............. life is tough ............... someone has to fish ....

Thats a big blue groper... sheet..............

:dito: Kevvie, you're unstoppable. NICE JOB!!!


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The sp's that we were using were 3" Atomic jerk baits ( there version of stick baits) in green pumkinseed. He have also had success with Berkley 3" Power Minnows. Never had that prob with Tailor either....

The tailor nailed some curl tails grubs instead??????

The flatties came on a range of paddletails, stickbaits and grubs (greedy bastards)

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Good on ya Kevvie

Sounds like a magic day with your old man...

Which bay were you in? pardon my ignorance.



No probs Inhlanzi, Botany Bay mate... a bloody good fish these days. Seems i cant get enuf of it.

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shame the GURU (Kevvie) can't pick up a hairtail :beersmile: on a SP .... tut tut...

Hey Haraka, are u issuing me a challange? Mate i might take u up on that. But then i better not try. think of all the cold sleepless nights chasin the mythical hairtail on sp's. I remember how long it took me to get my first jew... and they are around all year. On second thoughts... no thanks

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