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Broken Bay Wide


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Went fishing today with Stevefish and Keenandnew (John) in John 40 odd foot Riverina chasing YFT.

Not much action till we got to 150 metres plus where the first fish to come onboard was a small Mac tuna. Kept heading east till we hit the shelf where we got a few striped tuna near a pro boat. Did some laps of the area and then headed north.

About a minute after Steve went down stairs to get a few “bring on the fish” beers 2 of the rods went off. After a short but spirited battle 2 YFT’s hit the deck.

Kept trolling around and picked up a couple of more striped tuna before we called it a day and headed for home.

Had a great day on the water, thanks Steve for hooking me up with the ride and a bigger thanks to John for the great trip. Had heaps of fun and look forward to doing it again

Heres a pic of Johns boat, a sweet ride!!!


Steve with his YFT


John and Steve with the two YFT’s


Yellow Fin on the deck


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