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Botany Pelagics


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Hi Raiders,

Due to my pressing work commitment i have been a little late for this weeks report. Hope it still has relevance but i think it should....

after the long weekend passed, my dad has been on my case about heading to the bay to spin up some sambos again. If you read my post last week u would know that dad was like a gigglin kid with this new species, especially on lite 2-4kg spin sticks and 1000 size reels loaded with 4lb fireline. Undergunned? sure is but if u got time on your side and no obstacles in your way then its all fun. :yahoo::yahoo:

We arrived at the bay early to wait for the gulls to show us where the pot of gold was. Just on daybreak the gulls started to all head en mass in one location, first sitting on the water just waiting for the inevitable. What was funny about Sunday was that the sambos started to work in small eratic schools and didnt trigger off the birds to dive. Once we noticed the fish break the surface we speed up to them and turned the motor off and glided the rest of the way.

We had a few double hookups and had sambos tail dancing like ballarinas. I just love the tenacity of this fish and on light gear would love to catch a fish with more gusto of the same weight. Dad had a few throw the hook on take-off and got cleaned up another time in a last ditch effort by the fish to take refuge under the hull of the boat.... i gave it to him all day about that one :biggrin2:

Mixed in with these sambos were tailor to 45cms and trevally in a range of sizes also. Dad got one that he swore at one stage or another of the fight was a jewie, sambo or a ray. Geez talk about covering your bases. It turned out to be a trevally around 1.5-2kgs, biggest ive seen come out of the bay anyway. Add to this 3 flatties and we had another pearler of a day on Botany. Cant wait for the sambos in the harbour now. And the new convert cant wait either.... 'Go Dad'

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Im thinking about venturing out this weekend on sunday to the bay (weather permitting of course) to flick around for sambos and troll the heads to see if the bonnies are still there. Sambos love the poppers in my opinion and dont mind a pink and white sluggo either.

usually anything that moves they will have a go at ive found. Was also thinking to hit the inshore reefs depending on the seas to locate some kings im having withdrawals lol


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What lures were you using & what kind of retrieve? if you don’t mind me asking.

No Mate, thats what this is all about. There were three of us in the boat and we all had different ideas on lures and retrieves but i cant say one was more successful than the other. We all got 4 fish each. This may not sound like many but the fish only hung around for a short time.

I was using Atomic 3'' Jerk baits (atomics new fat belly stickbaits), dad was using Storm's 4" stickbaits and george was using Berkley stickbaits. Dad did try a squidgy fish but had to convert to a stick like presentation to keep up.

we were using fairly quick retrieves to cover ground and when the fish were breaking a flat out retrieve worked through the middle worked a treat. I was using a quick version of the standard lift drop technique so the lure looked eratic high in the water column with breif pauses to tempt fish following the lure.

The whitebait the sambos were eating are deadset huge, some up to 8cms long so big sluggos will be a hit. The trevs were hitting lures meant for flatties. Atomic paddletails in the 4" size were proving the trick. George had good success on the 3'' sluggo i gave him but a tailor spoiled his party and i wouldnt part with another rare 3'' sluggo. I wish more stores stocked this lure. Any help here raiders would be appreciated.

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rare 3'' sluggo. I wish more stores stocked this lure. Any help here raiders would be appreciated.

Im pretty sure thay wattos in st marys has 3" sluggos or a brand variant.

maybe 95% sure but worth a shot if you need his details let me know


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Guest wayneo

great report there mate

they say with fishing your never to old to learn something new.and the way fishing is headed you never know whats next for you to learn how to catch a good feed

cheers wayneo

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Yeah your damn right Wayneo...if one things for sure fishing never remains static. I learn something new every trip out.

Hey Kingy...where's wattos. I'd love to find those 3'' sluggos mate. I use the ones i got left very sparingly and i hate that.

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