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Harbour Pelagics


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Hi Raiders,

Kevvie here and in need. I have a good mate wanting to take me out on his rig this weekend to chase Pelagics outside the Harbour. Problem is im no real lover of this style of fishing and sorta hate trolling around all day for no result. He seems to think it will be a hit and miss affair which doesnt fill me with any confidence. :wacko:

Can u members please assist. I wanna go but i need a game plan to work with. Is there any surface activity ATM, have the sambos come in to the Harbour yet?, Is it a better option to out through Botany?

Any help would be appreciated!

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There have been some tailor, salmon, bonnies and even a stray king about trolling the syd harbour headlands, although i have noticed little surface action.

When they are on, they seem to be in numbers, but i have found them a little patchy. Worth a crack for an hour or two but if no luck then try something else i reckon.

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