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Ross Hunter Charter


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I'm booking a charter for sat July 15th with Ross Hunter. There will only be six on the charter, myself and three others are keen so I'm looking to make up another two places if any raiders are interested. Approx cost is $240 for the day.

This will be my first time out game fishing and we are keen to crack some tuna, snapper or whatever comes our way. All are welcome



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hey dave hows it going mate .. have you sold your boat yet??,havent seen many posts from you lately...do you still have my number,, ?/ give me a call if you want to come out with me again ,,catch you soon ...albert

Gday Al

just been busy with work and uni! Decided to hang on to the boat for a bit, as we don't really have the $$ to get another one. Would love to come for a fish with you, so I'll make sure we catch up shortly!

take it easy


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Gday mate

the charter was cancelled due to psycho winds so we will be rebooking for some time in the near future. A couple can't make the next one, so you are welcome to the spot if you are keen.

the only draw back is you have to put up with Impulse :1prop:

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