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The Weekly Welcome


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Hello and a big :1welcomeani: to all the new members this week.

I am sure you will find our forums friendly, fun and informative. Looking forward to reading your posts and sharing information with you all.

keenas, rodders, pappy, twoducks, aussiport, newatthegame, birdman, catch this, punchn, action_1974, jed38, lordparker, kangaroowalk, njsconst, Les, Tricky Ricky, FISHEN, hustler57, aussiebattler, fishnut, youngart, breambandit, stretcher, R_Zee, tiger_shark, crazyfisher, roosterman, Deancod, ozlongboarder, ian_naughty, diddi, miller, # 1 son, just fishin, Hydro, gezza, Mako, WATTO, Roberta, maddog, Reel-em-in, crummy01, centralcoastie

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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