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Hot Water Outlet - Botany Bay


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Hot water outlet - Botany Bay

Hey raiders,

I was watching rexy on the lifestyle channel as i do every night at 8:30 and rexy said he was fishing at the "hot water outlet" at botany bay.

Can anyone tell me why it is called the hot water outlet, and also how to get there by boat, it looks like a great fishing spot..


Another question....

Why is browns mountain called browns mountain???


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g'day mate, firstly it is called the hotwater outlet because hot/warm bubbles rise to the surface from the oil refinary.


Thats what you should look for, it is easily spotted because the water is usualy flat around it. It is to the west side of the oil wharf, just next to the fish farm.

You should anchor 10metres from it and cast into the hotwater, i have heard people have lost anchors dirctly about the hotwater, so thats why i don't anchor on it.

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