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The Vines & Bar Point

Guest crow

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Guest crow

Hey all,

Just after a bit of info for nex week pls.

i am taking the young bloke out on the boat next week (still getting his sea legs) & i take him to the above spots, so my question is.....

are these spots producing any fish in the colder weather - last time i took him there he caught a 30cm jewie (1st fish ever) plenty of bream & port jackson.

i just dont want to waste time if its not worth while.

Or is there any where else around there that would be better going to (e.g. dangar etc)

Thanks in advance

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hi there mate, a friend of mine was in that area last weekend and said after the berley trail gets going and a bit of patience there are plenty of bream to be had and also sme small jews caught at dangar.

Im goin to give it a try sunday so ill be interested to hear back if you do go.


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Guest lbgking

Strange things can happen on the drift from Brooklyn to Juno on the outgoing tide.

Keep an eye on the sounder.

There are some overlooked holes in the middle of the channel that can be drifted over in the "quiter months" while boat traffic is light.

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Guest Aron

I have always had success at the Vines on live nippers, you should also try the weck.

Any day fishing is a good day

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