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Parra 080706 Another Pb Bream For Me Today

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Hi Guys,

Andy and I put the tinnie in at Silverwater today and fished a variety of spots from Concord to Cockatoo Island and up the Lane Cove.

There were a few tailor around today and we managed a few both on plastics and trolling hardbody lures around the shoreline of Cockatoo Island. They provided us with great fun, especially trolling . :yahoo::yahoo:

The MASSIVE highlight of the day came up in the Lane Cove. I hadn't flicked a Gulp at a boat all day and just decided to flick one under a moored crusier. :biggrin2:

The lure touched the bottom and smash!!!!!!!!!!! :1yikes: I'd actually thought I'd hooked a small jewey the way it went at first.

After 5 short but strong runs I had her in the net and she went 39cm. :yahoo: A NEW PB. :thumbup:

I'm edging ever closer to that magical 40cm.... :biggrin2:

Andy scored a few fish today and the only flatty.

Here's some pics of our fish today:







Andy also had the joke of the day...

Q. What do you get if you cross a skunk with a fairy??




David and Andy.

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Guest fishrunner

congrats on the new pb there mottyman :thumbup: .

that 40cm mark is soon to be cracked at the rate you're going!


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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen

look at the sad face on the bream!

poor bugger!


that is one thumper of a bream :1yikes:

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Good Bream u got there and nice pics too,

Weve managed several 40cm plus bream,from shore

early in the morning next to Harrys Cafe De Wheels

in Wooloomooloo and they were very fat,they get fed there by

Harrys customers left over pies and hot dogs that people chuck

in the water.some monster Tailor there as well.

Peeled prawns and bread work best.

:beersmile: penguin

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Guest madsmc

Great bream there David. The 40cm plus model will come your way in time. :thumbup: The only thing that would surprise me is if you didn't get it on a Gulp worm. :biggrin2:



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Hi Rick,

Yes mate, Andy takes the pics.

He's doing really well in the boat now. This particular day out was a bit slow but he was really good and kept concentrating on giving his bass minnow some action, didn't complain or get board.

He's getting better with each trip.



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