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Sneaky Croc


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This is a photo of a Croc that was waiting for someone to put their toe on the back step.

Seeing that I was sitting on the rear seat with the tiller it was hard to watch the boys fishing as I was not keen to take my eyes off him/her.

On another day one came up and put its nose on the same step and just hung there.



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nasty bugger...

did it ever leave?

or did you drive away?


On that occasion CFD there was 2 of them and they just hung around, though they got a tad excited whenever we hooked a fish ,they normally just sulk around low in the water, but when you hooked a fish they raised themselves and started snaking in the direction of the hooked fish.

If you were using a Popper they got really excited and tried to eat the Popper and they really got the Sh#ts when they couldn't kill the buger.........great visual action.

Plenty of stories of Crocs up that way, no battle ship size ones but enough to make you think before dangling your toe in the water.


P.S. Little-Flatty no it was not on the Northern beaches unless you live about 400klm north of Broome :biggrin2: ,and one lived on the Beach a couple of Hundred mts south of the Camp..........

and would come to Visit :1yikes: .

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