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  1. As Ryder said, definitely a Flounder. If you caught it in Sydney, then I reckon it’s a Largetooth Flounder. There’s two common ones in Sydney, Largetooth Flounder and Smalltooth Flounder. Pretty hard to tell in that dark colour mode but Largetooth for me. A mate I’d fish with in Sydney for Bluespot Flathead, his wife would think the Flathead were just ok but was really excited when he bought home a flounder.
  2. That’s a great story, well written with some great fish especially the Whiting.👍
  3. @Derny Driver have you measured you Measuring Mat with, say a good tape measure just to confirm was it the measuring mat or shrinkage.
  4. Great point Hood. I suppose it’s a personal point of view to, meat on table, catch and release, scenery, environment, limited human activity giving you that feeling that “ I’m the only one for miles” Also on another note you mentioned SE QLD, lots of Mosquitoes and Sand flies and I mean LOTS in the warmer months but more chances of different fish.
  5. Excellent write up there LW and it certainly sounds like a great outing with both fish and catching up. I count 6 different species for you. Great job.
  6. If you go the gum boot way make sure you have wet weather pants to go over the gum boots otherwise the boots will fill up with water. I found shorts and wetsuit hard soled booties were the go but a good wet weather coat was a must. The wet suit booties you can walk in mud and they won’t slip off as well as finding rocks/oysters/ glass submerged in mud and not damage your feet. NOTE … this is for estuary fishing only and not off ocean rocks.
  7. I’ve also heard of small Soldier crabs but never met anyone that has caught a fish on them or uses them. Maybe someone has, I’d be interested to hear.
  8. You were the head guide Neil so it would be expected that you wouldn’t out fish the guests. Your a kind and thoughtful man, sounds like a great fun family day.
  9. Goes by a few common names but “Bigeye Ocean Perch” I recon. Sounds like a great day out with plenty of fun banter … and that’s what makes it special. Oh and a few fish.😄
  10. Also the other good thing about Barbless hooks is they are easier to get out of your hand and the body.
  11. That’s a great catch YK01. I did see a couple of Long Tail frames at the boat ramp yesterday at Port. Car park is full of Cars and trailers down there today.
  12. Shame about loosing that fish, though it seems a lot of the time this is what makes as come back for more. The first fish is a Fanbelly Leatherjacket and the second is a Gunthers Wrasse. Congratulations on a couple of new species 👍
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