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Botany Bay


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Hit the bay at around low tide(2pm) at the cooks river ramp. Not much traffic around, so we were soon at the third runway. Conditions were perfect, no chop or big seas. We stayed at the third runway burleying hard, but could only get 2 trevs on peeled prawns :05:

We made the move after an hour or so to molineax point. There was a big swell coming in from the outside, we could see the waves smashing on the heads cliffs. Anchored there, and threw out everybait i had. 30minutes later another smaller trev comes in on the bait jig :biggrin2:

We made one last move before dark to another location on the wall, about 1km down. We got yakka after yakka on the handlines and kept 5 or so for live bait. As soon as the sun came down, thats when the fun started. I threw a unweighted pillie tail down, and it got smashed within 5seconds. Lost the fish due to no wire trace. (They were obviously choppers). After a quick re-rigging we were both on(me and my dad). Double hooks ups everywhere. Tailor after tailor were boated. After 2 blocks of pillies, 3yakkas worth of fillets, half a bag of squidges, and 3 chromes lures they left. The rest of the night was very quite. I tried live baiting but nothing wanted to touch the yakkas. So I let the alive ones go, and kept the dead ones for fillets of bait. At around 9pm it was time to head home. Woke up the pelicans at the ramp and gave them a good feed of tailor gut.

I will be smoking the tailor tonight :biggrin2::thumbup::beersmile:

Final catch= approximantly 37tailor, 3 trevors.

p.s will post pictures later

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hi domza,

those tailors look very nice smoked. may i ask how you smoked them.

We have a large brick smoker, not like the ones u buy from rebel sport. We hang them up with large S-shape hooks pinned threw the eye of the fish. The fish get left in there for about 5 hours. The wood we use always has to be a hardwood, and fruit trees work the best.

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