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Harbour Tuesday10.


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Headed out for a fish monday night after work,(3am tuesday) few squid for bait caught at favourite spot then off to pick up a fellow raiderand head out. hit north head about 6;45 to see salmon schools everywhere. we thru metals,flys,poppers,divers,plastics(felt like just jumpin in and grabin 1) but not even a touch. chased them from 7am til 11;30. decided to wined in and go then both rods took off whilst only 1 salmon boated. :mad3: frusturating day of fishing but good to meet a fellow raider and take him out. sorry Kingsrule,

get out there,

greg. :05:

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Hi Berlez,

mate when they are schooling that hard you will always find them very hard to catch,

From what i have heard this time of year they are spawning in the school and not feeding, but i could be wrong.

Atleast you got one, well done

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Guest fishrunner

Bad luck on the sambo's there, :( , maybe next time they will play the game for you, still envious of "just being out there"


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